Why An Internet Marketing Company Should Build Your New Website

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Hiring an Internet marketing company to build your new website is wise if the goal of your new site is to increase both traffic and leads. If you want to grow your business, don’t hire a firm that just builds websites: While the firm might give you a great-looking website, the site it builds for you will lack key components that make an effective website.

Advantages of an Internet marketing company include:

  • The entire team working on your website will have years of marketing experience — copywriters, designers, developers, project managers, etc. — trained in creating web content, designs and functionality that attract and convert website visitors.
  • Your website will be designed and written with conversion goals and a conversion funnel in mind from the earliest stages.
  • Your website will feature multiple calls to action applicable to any stage of the buying cycle. These calls to action will be planned, refined and implemented throughout all phases of content and design production. (Because a marketing company is judged on the amount of leads it is driving, you can be sure strong conversion elements will be a robust component of your website.)
  • Best practices will be implemented for call-to-action text and design. The placement, colors, design and content of each call to action play an important role in how well it works. Marketing companies with years of experience in perfecting these CTAs will be able to get the strongest results.
  • Best practices for user interface will be implemented — your site will always be easy to navigate. Companies solely focusing on website design sometimes get “carried away” and design for design’s sake; an Internet marketing company will make sure your website is easy for visitors to use and obtain information.
  • Your website will be built with a strong base for SEO, rather than a slipshod base or none at all. For instance:
    • Your site map will be developed around supporting keyword research done at the beginning of the project, to ensure you have all the necessary pages on your site to drive the greatest amount of relevant traffic possible.
    • Site speed improvements will be implemented at all possible places. (Page loading speed is critical for SEO.)
    • Content will be written for targeted keywords so it is optimized from the start and does not have to be redone down the road.
    • Your site will launch with all necessary optimized content and correct title tags and meta descriptions.
    • You won’t have to make scores of costly updates to your new website when it’s time to start your monthly SEO campaign.

With an Internet marketing company, every detail of your new site will have been designed, written and developed with the goal of getting as many people to the site as possible and converting them into sales leads when they get there.

Since the marketing team is involved in your site from the beginning, once the site is live and the real marketing campaign starts, your account manager is ready to hit the ground running and has had time to provide plenty of input beforehand. This accelerates your campaign’s performance and puts more leads in the pipeline more quickly.

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