What Happens When You Change Your Twitter Username

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Recently we had an opportunity to change the company Twitter username from @Straight_North to @StraightNorth. Here's a few things I learned/validated that may help you.

  • Changing your Twitter Username is easier than setting up a new account and trying to get your followers to switch over. When you change to the new username, all of your followers stay in place.
  • Changing your Twitter Username creates a new Twitter URL for your account. Therefore you have to update all links to your Twitter page. For Straight North, this included several on-site and off site links. We may not have caught them all. (See Twitter button link on the sidebar in the image above.)
  • For textual links to our Twitter page, we had to edit the anchor text as well. Our Twitter landing page had "Straight_North", in the header, which required a little quick redesign work. (See image above.)
  • HootSuite, my preferred Twitter interface, automatically repopulates username fields with the new name.

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