A Web Design Company Without Copywriters Can’t Help You

What you will learn: Why your Web design company needs on-staff copywriters. Who should read this article: Company leadership, marketing management.

Your Site’s Content Is More Important than Ever

There are two reasons why website content is more important than ever: People and Google.

Conversion: People Want Great Content

People are discriminating, hard-to-please consumers of Web content. In the old days, people tolerated mediocre content. Today, if content isn’t relevant, compelling, authoritative, easy to read and useful, site visitors go elsewhere. Here’s why:
  • Older people no longer see the Web is no longer a novelty. They have been using it every day for years.
  • Younger people have grown up on the Web. For them judging content quality is second nature.
  • People use mobile devices to access the Web in vast numbers. Mobile users have no patience for sloppy, boring and irrelevant content.
Thus, if your site’s content is mediocre, casual visitors will be strongly disinclined to convert into prospects or customers.

SEO: Google Wants Great Content

In the old days, if content keywords matched up with a Google user’s search phrase, that was good enough. Google couldn’t tell a well-written page of content from a poorly written one. Now, Google can. With every update to its algorithm, Google becomes a better judge of quality content, which it measures the same way people do, based on its usefulness, relevance and authority. Thus, if your site’s content is mediocre, your SEO campaign will be mediocre. Or worse.

Why Your Web Design Firm Must Have Copywriters

When businesses try to write content internally, it typically fails miserably.
  • Few businesses have professional copywriters on staff. If they rely on personnel with a “knack” for writing, quality suffers, causing the problems mentioned above.
  • Even if a business has competent writers, content creation takes far more time than companies realize, causing expensive delays in the Web design and development process.
Firms that realize their limitations look to their Web design company for content creation. However, if the Web designer relies on freelancers, problems arise:
  • Freelancers may push off your project and work on something else instead.
  • If a freelancer takes a vacation or a full time job, your content will be left out in the cold.
  • Freelance copywriters do not necessarily conform to the quality standards of your Web design company or your own.
The strongest, surest way to create high quality content on your site is to hire a Web design company with in-house, full-time copywriters. Note we say copywriters – plural. One is not enough, since a single copywriter will be inevitably stretched thin. A deep bench of writers ensures your project stays on schedule and is never dependent on a single individual. Trained Web copywriters produce the highest quality site content because:
  • They understand the principles of SEO copywriting, increasing your site’s visibility in organic search and ability to attract relevant traffic.
  • They understand the principles of persuasion, making your content better able to convert visitors into prospects and customers.
  • They understand the principles of Web composition, making your content easier to read and more scannable – particularly on mobile devices.
Bottom Line: When searching for a Web design company, put as much emphasis on content as you do on design. A beautiful website with mediocre content will fail for SEO, lead generation, and in every other way. Best of class organizations understand this and hold design and content to the same high standard.
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