Tight Focus Equals SEO Success

In sales, a rifle beats a shotgun: Aiming at a small target of highly qualified prospects produces more sales than spraying ammo across a huge and hazy target.

The same holds true in SEO. Aiming at a small number of highly converting keywords is better than taking on an ocean of keywords with varying degrees of potential.

While this concept probably makes sense to everyone on a common sense level, in the real world, businesses quite often go wrong by setting up SEO campaigns with far too many keyword targets. In doing so, they spread their budgets too thin, spread their human resources too thin, and as a result, never generate much (if any) ROI.

In short, it’s better to be a roaring success with five keywords than to be an also-ran for 50 keywords or 500 keywords.

Once you achieve your top potential for those five strategic keywords, you can move on to another five. And another five. And another five. Et cetera. This is the formula for a successful SEO campaign that maximizes ROI and prevents companies from overextending themselves.

What makes for a strategically valuable, highly converting keyword? It varies, but here are the main things to consider:

  • Intent — Does the keyword suggest the user is looking to make a purchase?
  • Volume — Does the keyword have sufficient volume to generate a dial-moving number of conversions?
  • Competitiveness — Do big competitors with big budgets dominate the keyword, or do you have an opening?
  • Relevance — Does the keyword align with your products, services and value proposition?

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