Telltale Signs Your Website Content Isn’t Lead Generation Worthy

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There’s an art to creating content for the purpose of lead generation. After all, what business wouldn’t want more leads? Whether you’re writing a landing page or an on-site blog post, if your goal is lead generation, your content must be clear and concise, error-free and call the reader to action. If your business isn’t producing as many leads as anticipated, it could be because of your Web content. Here are four telltale signs your content isn’t lead generation worthy:

  1. Too Long

    Flowery language is not a great fit for SEO-based content. There’s an art to writing clearly and concisely, and clean copy, free of excess prepositions and run-on sentences, is SEO gold that will surely entice more leads. Remember, conciseness trumps wordiness. The last thing you want is to turn off potential clients because your content was too long, and they lost interest. For a typical landing page, aim for no more than 500 words.

  2. Grammatical errors

    If your Web content has grammatical mistakes, whether small or large, this could hurt your company’s credibility and thus diminish any chance of lead generation. Grammatical blunders and misspelled words are a red flag to potential leads. Can a client trust you with accuracy and professionalism if your Web content has tons of mistakes? Don’t underestimate the importance of an editor/proofreader. Be sure to have an editor that you trust check your content for clarity and consistency. Getting the small details right and analyzing the copy’s nitty-gritty is often the recipe for success. Otherwise, a minor mistake could turn into a major one.

  3. “Me-centric”

    While it’s completely understandable that this is your company website, which is meant to promote your services, it’s critical to include the reader. How can your business offerings help customers? If content is too internally focused and leaves readers out of the equation, why should they be interested in your services? Remember, to get a reader’s attention, it’s important to let him/her know what sets you apart from competitors, and what’s great about your services. Ultimately though, you have to offer your Web visitors value — this way, you’ll gain more interest, which can turn into valuable leads.

  4. No Obvious CTA

    Does your content prompt the reader to take action? If not, you’re missing a huge piece of the puzzle. If you’re looking for readers to take some form of action, whether that’s to contact you, answer a question, or fill out a website form, you must make that obvious. Include a phone number, or link so that your Web visitor can easily take the next step without having to search your website aimlessly — spell everything out as clearly as possible.

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