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Web writers seeking to improve their craft and strategy will appreciate the new eBook offerings from Smashing Magazine, which has just launched a new eBook bundle centered on mastering content and copywriting. These new eBooks contain guidance, insights, practical tips, and all-out warnings about what not to do whether you’re a new writer or a seasoned pro. Straight North’s own Brad Shorr is a featured contributor to both books, sharing his advice on Web copywriting, SEO, content strategy in design, and more.

Designed for anyone wanting to “improve your copywriting skills,” the new Smashing Magazine bundle includes two fresh eBooks: Content Strategy and Effective Copywriting. Both books feature attractive graphics and typography highlighting Smashing Magazine’s best articles on content strategy to help writers deliver on all kinds of assignments and challenges. You’ll get a real-time, comprehensive look at the world of content and how it works for writers and their clients.

If you:

  • Want an insider look at things to know before becoming a copywriter
  • Are aiming to break into online copywriting
  • Want to grow your existing writing skills
  • Wish to hone your talent for better results for your brand

This bundle pinpoints the foundations of what all writers, new or experienced, need to know about the world of online content research and production. Particular emphasis is placed on what you can do to improve and stay current in an evolving content environment.

Learn more about the art of messaging in the bundle’s first book, Content Strategy, which explains how content strategy works, both independently and in connection with other elements. Come away knowing how to implement key strategies, work within particular design guidelines, and coordinate branding, all within a framework of personal stories and real-world experiences shared by the book’s authors. In addition to Brad Shorr, contributors to this book include experts Alli Gray, Christopher Butler, Colleen Jones, Jason Gross, Rian van der Merwe, Robert Mills, and Sarah Bauer.

In the bundle’s second book, Effective Copywriting, find out everything you need to know before beginning a journey into Web writing. How do you create a strong voice for a brand? What are all the aspects involved in the online copywriting sector? This eBook speaks to the ins and outs of those questions and more: pitfalls to avoid, marketing strategies to implement, and personal anecdotes from the authors, including Brad Shorr, Craig Anderson, Danny Iny, Josh Medrano, Paul Boag, Peep Laja, Rick Sloboda, and Tad Fry.

The Smashing eBooks Bundle is available in three formats: PDF, EPUB, and Kindle (DRM-free). Its list price is $9.98, but it is currently available at a discounted rate of $7.98.

To learn more about this new resource, and to pick up a copy for yourself, go to:

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