SEO Opens the Door, But You Need More to Close the Deal

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A client recently told me a great story - the kind an SEO copywriter likes to hear. An inquiry came into their website from a Google search for a high priced piece of equipment, and within half an hour they had made the sale. How great is that?

Now I'd like to say that it was my brilliant optimization and copywriting that made the sale. However, that wouldn't quite be right. My work opened the door, but it was my client's fast and diligent follow up that closed the deal.

When the lead came in via the contact form, it didn't sit in an inbox or get handled by a trainee. The lead went directly to an experienced sales professional who was able to answer several technical questions quickly, honestly, and authoritatively, earning the customer's confidence and trust.

Bravo! Here is a company that understands the importance of a complete lead support system.

Without SEO, the opportunity never would have surfaced. But how many opportunities are squandered because of poor follow up? Never underestimate the importance of the human element. Web marketing is all about statistics, BUT. You cannot predict sales based on mathematical calculations alone.

Be careful what you wish for. Companies that invest in SEO to generate a stampede of site traffic just might get it. When the leads pour in, companies must have a rock solid system to handle them. Otherwise, their brands will take a pounding in social media and through word of mouth.

How Well Are You Being Served?

How many times have you found a website that appeared to meet all your needs, only to be seriously disappointed by a lack of follow up after making an inquiry? If you have a minute, please share your happy stories and your horror stories.

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