The Secret To Creating A High Conversion Website Is To Say NO

If you want prospects to say yes on your website, you have to say no when you’re building it.

  • Say no to subject matter experts who want every last detail of a product mentioned on the product page. Too much copy gets in the way of conversions.
  • Say no to the brand managers who want brand messages interrupting or overwhelming the flow of every product description, service description and company information page.
  • Say no to overcautious managers who want disclaimers attached to every benefit statement.
  • Say no to department managers who want multiple mentions made of their department’s every accomplishment and priority.
  • Say no to copywriters who want to inject their style into every sentence, distracting from the core sales message.
  • Say no to designers who want to pack every new design feature into the website — regardless of how much it confuses or puts off prospects.
  • Say no to executives who want to delay approval timelines.

Remember Why You’re Building the Website

For any website project, there are 1,000 reasons to delay, but one good reason for staying on schedule: more sales leads.

For any website project, there are 1,000 pieces of information to add, but one good reason for keeping them out: more sales leads.

It takes an iron-willed project manager with a clear focus and exceptional communication skills to keep web design projects on task and on time — without alienating everyone involved.

However, finding and empowering such a project manager is exactly what you’ll need to create a website that SELLS. Most companies are satisfied with a company website that satisfies its internal staff. Exceptional companies — the ones that reel in the lion’s share of online leads — satisfy the needs of their prospects.

Which kind of company do you want to be?

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