Scalability, The Forgotten SEO Requirement

When organizations look for an SEO agency, they have a number of requirements on their checklist — track record, expertise and transparency being among the most important and obvious.

But one extremely important requirement is frequently forgotten in the search for the perfect SEO partner — scalability. This requirement matters most for organizations with an aggressive growth plan, and for organizations where SEO can expand into other product lines and/or geographic markets.

Many SEO agencies concentrate on organizations of a specific size. Some know the ins and outs of small companies with limited budgets; others work almost exclusively with large enterprises with five- or six-figure monthly budgets; still others serve the middle market.

In addition to focusing on organizational size, agencies may also, or instead, focus on a particular type of SEO — local SEO, global SEO, e-commerce, lead generation, etc.

Clients must consider these issues carefully:

  • If an entrepreneurial firm signs on with an SEO agency that handles small campaigns only, the firm will have to start over with a new agency when its business reaches the next level of revenue.
  • If a large firm signs on with an agency that skillfully manages national campaigns but lacks local SEO expertise, the firm will have to start from scratch if it decides to supplement its core campaign with campaigns targeted to strategic local markets.

Continuity is very important in SEO, since it takes a sustained effort and a systematic strategy to achieve high organic visibility on Google. Changing agencies in midstream, especially when results have been good, is expensive, disruptive, and sometimes causes visibility to drop during and after the transition to a new agency.

The best way to eliminate this problem is to select an agency that can grow with you. Not sure which way to turn? Contact us: We welcome an opportunity to learn more about your current and future objectives.

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