Remarketing, or Retargeting, Explained

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As an interactive marketing agency, we can tell you a thing or two about marketing. But what about remarketing? Many companies don’t even know remarketing exists, let alone understand how it works and its benefits toward business. Remarketing is an extremely effective strategy that is critical to businesses that display ads online, which in today’s technology- and Internet-driven market, includes pretty much everyone. Here, we’ll explain the basics of remarketing, and how a skillfully managed campaign can produce profitable results.

Whom Are Your Ads Targeting?

Existing customers are often your best customers. They know your brand, they trust your product, and they’ve been more than satisfied with your service. They keep coming back. However, most Web marketing strategies focus on reaching prospects that have never even heard of you. These strategies often see conversion rates as low as 2 percent, which means they are failing 98 percent of the time, and yet consider these results stellar.

  • Remarketing targets the people who know, like and buy your brand.
  • Remarketing communicates the right message to the right people.
  • Remarketing matches the customers with the products, services and brands they want to buy.
  • Remarketing increases conversions and improves sales.

A Powerful Way to Increase Conversions

So how does remarketing work? The process requires a knowledgeable Internet marketing team, with the ability to develop an effective strategy that involves:

  • Identifying and tracking existing customers and site visitors.
  • Creating and displaying effective ads to these users when they visit other websites.
  • Tracking conversions to determine the ads and sites that deliver the best ROI.
  • Refining the remarketing program to improve sales even more.

A powerful remarketing campaign can boost conversion rates by 50 percent, 100 percent or even more!

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