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Take a Look at Our Latest Client Website

Our web design team just completed a new website for Enviro Tech International, Inc., a supplier of industrial solvents headquartered in the Chicago area. A few things are definitely worth checking out in the desktop design. (Note to readers: The design is responsive and looks different in mobile view.)

Fast. The first thing you’ll notice if you click on the website link is lightning-fast page loading. As website visitors get more and more impatient, page loading speed becomes more and more important. Also, if you’re doing SEO, Google puts a lot of emphasis on page loading speed.

Action. The header navigation is user-friendly and encourages visitors to do something.

  • You can’t miss the phone number.
  • Reviews, which visitors usually find very helpful (and are coming to expect), are prominent, as well as three invitations with broad appeal — write a review, request a sample, request a quote. Simple.
  • Lots of white space in the header, even with all the calls to action.

Snappy Photos. When you’re in a non-sexy business like industrial solvents, coming up with engaging photographs is always a challenge. But good choice of camera angle and color gets the job done on this shot of nPB solvent:

Sidebar Navigation. On a technical website, there is, by necessity, a lot of complicated terminology and page hierarchies, so having crisp sidebar navigation is critical.

On this page, Products By Application & Industry, visitors have a very strong visual cue to remind them what page they are on, and where they are in the overall scheme of the website’s content. This same, simple sidebar navigation is used in all sections.

If you’re in the market for an “industrial strength” lead generation website, please contact us — we’re eager to learn more about your project and give you a proposal.

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