Is Mobile Marketing Valuable For B2B?

Everybody is talking about mobile marketing. No question about it: Just about everybody has a mobile phone, but does that mean B2Bs should be shifting their marketing spend wholesale into mobile campaigns?

As of this writing, our answer: probably not.

The Data

Using data from a number of B2B companies over the last half of 2015, we see on average that over 80 percent of their traffic is still desktop.

Why Is This the Case?

When people at companies are doing research to find a service/product that they need, chances are they will be using their laptop or desktop to conduct the research. The reason is simple: The keyboard, mouse and large screens save a lot of time, allowing users to navigate quickly and view large chunks of information without scrolling. In addition (and very significantly), desktops and laptops continue to have faster processes, hard drives and more RAM. Finally, when companies are doing research, chances are they need a spreadsheet, a word document and/or email open at the same time they are reviewing websites.

Before Your B2B Firm Jumps on the Mobile Bandwagon …

Before your B2B firm jumps on the mobile bandwagon, be sure to check your analytics and see how many of your visitors are reaching your website through mobile devices. You also want to look at the leads that your website generates today and understand how many of them come from users on mobile devices.

At the very least, your company should have a mobile website, but don’t let mobile become the most important marketing goal for your business if your traffic and lead data doesn’t support it. Chances are that your desktop users are still the ones you should be focusing on.

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