Local SEO: 5 Keys To Success

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Local SEO is important for companies serving a local geographic market, as well as for regional, national or global companies trying to build position in targeted geographic markets. Here is what it takes to succeed:

The 5 Keys

  1. Recognize that local SEO is a complex specialty within SEO. Not every SEO agency is expert at local SEO.
  2. Local SEO techniques change rapidly. Local SEO campaigns should be evaluated at least every six months. Using out-of-date tactics will produce neutral or even negative results.
  3. Local SEO can be an option for small and midsized companies with big SEO competitors. By concentrating on select geographic markets, companies can cut down on the number of competitors and drive more traffic and leads than they could trying to cover the entire U.S. The challenge is to pick the right markets and the right budget.
  4. Expert, locally focused keyword research meets the challenge of picking the right geographic market. Research must take into account search volume, intent, long-tail opportunities and local market nuances.
  5. The local SEO budget must be big enough to move the dial, yet small enough to be sustainable over at least one or two years. Local SEO is not a get-rich-quick scheme; it takes a systematic, ongoing effort to get Google’s attention and keep it.

How We Can Help: Consultation

Local SEO is not something a company should just jump into without careful thought and preparation.

We offer SEO consulting services, to help you evaluate the effectiveness of your current campaign, or, if you don’t have one, help you determine whether using local SEO would benefit your business.

A local SEO consultation will help you understand the potential of local SEO for your business, and give you an idea of an appropriate budget for your needs. Please contact us now if you’d like to discuss your situation.

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