Internet Marketing — 7 Ways To Snatch Defeat From The Jaws Of Victory

The battlefield of lead generation Internet marketing is littered with the corpses of failed campaigns — SEO campaigns that never got near Google page one, PPC campaigns that never produced positive ROI, email campaigns that never cracked the 1 percent open barrier, etc., etc., etc.

Why so much failure? Having fielded thousands of inquiries from dissatisfied, frustrated companies, we’ve identified seven of the biggest reasons why campaigns fail … when they might have very easily succeeded.

  1. No upfront research. “Ready, fire, aim” never works. Companies should conduct careful research upfront, to craft strategies that take into account crucial variables such as keyword demand and competitive position.
  2. Poor agency vetting. Finding the right agency for your needs is paramount. Unfortunately, companies often make the wrong choice, basing their decision on a cool presentation, attractive price or too-good-to-be-true promise.
  3. Impatience. Some campaigns don’t die; they just get a premature burial. SEO and email in particular often take months or even a year to bear fruit. However, the fruit can be pretty sweet for companies that have the patience to keep tending the field.
  4. Inadequate budgeting. You get what you pay for. A lot of companies expect first-page organic position on Google with a $500-a-month budget. This is a lot like believing in magic.
  5. Using the wrong KPIs. Common example: basing SEO success on sales rather than online lead generation. SEO can generate the lead, but has no control over what happens to the lead down the line.
  6. Delaying internal changes. If a company drags its feet adding website content, or updating website functionality (e.g., becoming mobile-friendly), online campaigns limp along, sputter, wheeze and then die.
  7. Hands-off attitude. Today’s online marketing REQUIRES client involvement — for strategy, content and campaign modifications in particular. Why is this the case? Because technology and best practices change in a heartbeat, and because customization is the key to success.

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