The Importance Of Good Copy In Lead Generation Design

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It’s a Marriage

You can’t get to the result of an excellent website without the combination of good copy and design. You can look at them like a marriage — they have to work together to be successful.

SEO is extremely important in lead generation. Keeping a strong relationship between copywriter and designer is a must. Sometimes, there is more information than space, and tabs are a good solution to keep all of the content confined in one place. Without strong communication, there will be hiccups.


Designing with Dummy Text Will Cause Problems

Good design first needs good content. Content that comes after the design rarely fits into place. You will end up re-designing the layout to make it fit, so it just makes sense to avoid designing twice. That doesn’t mean that you can’t collaborate with the copywriter if you know you only have a certain amount of space to work with.

Playing off the content can greatly improve the experience, whether it’s a pun or literal. Snappy phrasing can be used to divide the story into sections that leads the user down the page to help him quickly understand who you are and what you do. Working with puns can create some interesting sections and visuals! If you don’t have the right copy, you will never have the opportunity to achieve that next level.

Our Earthwise Environmental home page design made use of puns:

Responsive Design – Content Issues

Content for websites need to be written with a responsive platform in mind. Headlines and body sections will grow in size when using smaller devices. Having headlines or call to actions that are too long will create problems on smaller devices.


Short and sweet! Users don’t have time to read every paragraph on your site. Get them to the right place without forcing them to read too much.

Design, copywriting and copyediting must work in real time when headline and body-content length are issues; since it is easier to blend design and word counts properly now, rather than having round after round of revisions.

The most important objective in lead generation is to get that user to reach out. If you don’t have conveniently placed calls to action or promos, it will be difficult to convert those people.

Creating more white space on desktop versions will help with spacing and placement on smaller screens as well, helping users focus on important messages and calls to action. The Pierre’s Ice Cream Company home page makes great use of white space:

If designers and copywriters are flexible and collaborate at the early stages of design, the product always turns out better — resulting in, among other things, many more leads!

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