How Responsive Websites Generate More Leads

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For lead generation, responsive websites are almost always necessary. Here is a quick rundown of why we feel very strongly about responsive websites.

Positive First Experience

  • If someone accesses your website on a mobile device and has a poor experience, he/she is not likely to return. In business scenarios, a lot of people may do initial vetting on a mobile device, and then dig deeper on a desktop. If you don’t make a good first impression, game over.
  • In some cases, a person will struggle with a non-responsive website because he/she has little or no choice. A well-optimized responsive website better respects your mobile visitor’s time. Better to get an enthusiastic lead than a grudging lead.


  • A significant number of online users are not using a desktop. Without a responsive website, you are essentially losing what could be half or more of your prospects. What business is so profitable that it can afford to ignore such a vast opportunity?
  • Search engines prioritize responsive websites over non-responsive ones, especially (but not exclusively) for mobile searches. Companies investing in SEO dampen the lead generation results of their campaigns when they go to battle with a non-responsive website.


  • Browsing a non-responsive website on a mobile device is clumsy. Even if a visitor is a prospect, he/she may not be able to figure out how to make contact. People are notoriously impatient online.
  • Responsive websites have multiple optimizations to make the mobile experience easier, such as larger buttons and a website that fits the screen of the device being used. These design features are rarely a disadvantage in desktop viewing, and are often an enhancement.
  • Unlike a separate mobile website, a responsive website is easier to maintain, and simpler for customers and prospects to understand. Having multiple websites may confuse people about which website to use. Confusion equals missed lead opportunities.

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