How To Prevent Costly Delays In Web Design Projects

Building a new website? You’ve probably heard the expression, “Problems don’t get better with age.” It can also be said, “Website projects don’t get better with age.”

Long, drawn-out web design projects cause serious problems on a number of fronts.

  • Delays extend timelines and cause budget overruns.
  • With delays of months — or years, which can indeed happen — budget overruns can turn into tens of thousands of dollars, having a material impact on a company’s profits.
  • Indecision and protracted arguments about website specifics negatively affect internal morale, create frustration, and frequently leave everyone unhappy with the new website when it eventually launches.
  • Quite often, these internal arguments deal with peripheral issues rather than the key issue of making the website strong for lead generation. This makes the internal struggles of delay even more damaging.

How to Stay on Time and on Budget

Smart companies anticipate these problems and set up their web design projects for success. How? By doing the following:

  • Assigning a project manager to coordinate all activities and communication with the web design agency. This keeps the process efficient and makes someone accountable. Very important!
  • Letting the internal project team know from the start that the purpose of the website is lead generation, pre-empting delays caused by disagreements over secondary and tertiary issues that can be settled and worked into the website after launch.
  • Creating a team mentality that realizes perfection is not required for launch. Lead generation is too important to the lifeblood of a company for a week to be lost debating over punctuation!
  • Selecting an agency with a documented and proven process for building websites, and with a track record of successful and on-time launches.

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