How Header Tags Produce Sales Leads

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Header tags H1 through H6 have a direct impact on SEO. By properly inserting keywords in header tags and using a unique H1 tag on every website page, Google crawlers can better interpret the website’s content and relative importance of Web pages and on-page content of each page.

3 Techniques for Creating Lead-Generating Headers

However, composing header tags mechanically by simply throwing in keywords misses their lead-generating potential. Here are three tips for creating header tags that not only optimize, but also sell.

  1. The more important the keyword to the page, the more important the header tag in which it appears. The most important, overarching keyword of a page should be incorporated into the H1 tag, and so on down the line. This helps human readers scan the page and understand the priority of ideas and information. By increasing scannability and comprehension, website visitors are more likely to convert.
  2. Style header tags with font size and type to further help readers scan and prioritize content. If, for instance, H2-H6 tags use nearly identical fonts, how are visitors to understand what’s important without carefully dissecting the text? More likely, they will give up in frustration and click to a competitor’s website!
  3. Put some salesmanship into header tag composition. Header tags must engage users and give them a reason to read further. Thus, header tags should be attention-getting, possibly entertaining, and probably suggestive of a key benefit or some other sales hook. For instance, if the keyword phrase to be optimized is “air conditioner service”, possible headers:
    • Air Conditioner Service by Factory-Trained Technicians
    • Air Conditioner Service within an Hour!
    • Air Conditioner Service since 1962
    • Air Conditioner Service with Quality AND Low Prices

Ideally, the keyword phrase should appear at the beginning of the headline, but it’s OK to vary the style if some other order of words would greatly enhance lead-generating power.

Put Time Into Header Tag Creation

The exact SEO value of header tags is not clearly understood, other than the importance of unique H1 tags. However, it cannot be wrong to incorporate keywords in all H tags, and it is always wrong to stuff keywords into them. One keyword phrase per tag is plenty.

Because header tags require SEO, user experience and conversion optimization thinking, they take a bit of time and effort to produce. Some copywriters tell me they spend a third to half of their time on titles for certain pieces of content. Given how much header tags influence lead generation, the extra effort is well worth the time.

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