How To Breathe Life Into A Stale SEO Campaign

You've sunk serious money into SEO for several years, but all of the monthly reports look the same — no growth in traffic or leads. Back in the glory days, your SEO efforts were producing double-digit growth in both of those KPIs quarter after quarter; it almost seemed too good to be true. Now, you've reached a plateau, and you're wondering how you can get your SEO campaign to the next level.

First, the good news: A leveled-off SEO campaign is a good problem to have. It means you've been doing things right in the past, that you've stuck with it long enough to reach a solid and stable level of organic search visibility. That alone puts you ahead of the majority of companies!

Expanding on your success, which you now need to do, is a much more focused and methodical exercise than trying to build an SEO campaign from the ground up.

Expanding Your SEO Campaign

An excellent strategy for expanding SEO is creating new website pages — and revising existing pages — around new or existing keywords.

Pages can be bucketed in three general categories: markets pages, product/services pages and company pages. From there, you can develop target keywords for each bucket as deeply and broadly as your budget allows. For instance:

1. Markets pages
  • Widgets for food processing
  • Widgets for plastic injection molding
  • Widgets for packaging

- Widgets for food packaging

- Widgets for electronics packaging

2. Products pages
  • Stainless steel widgets
  • Fully automated widgets
  • FDA approved widgets
  • Best widgets

- Best industrial widgets

- Best low price widgets

3. Company pages
  • Best widget manufacturer
  • Best widget company
  • Best widget supplier

- Best Chicago widget supplier

- Best Los Angeles widget supplier

Keyword research identifies the best options for keyword expansion, and in many cases, scores if not hundreds of options will make sense. Unfortunately, taking your SEO campaign to the next level isn't simply a matter of creating a bunch of new website pages around your new target keywords. You have to proceed methodically so as not to overtax your budget or dilute your efforts. A good implementation plan:

  • Identifies a small group of pages to add (or update)
  • Builds links to those pages over several months
  • Tracks ranking, traffic and lead data over several months
  • Repeats the process with the next group of pages
  • Continues link building and other optimization efforts with pages from the first group that show promise

Not all of your new pages will gain traction, but some of them will turn out better than you imagined. With patience and persistence, you'll ultimately expand your SEO net to capture traffic and leads from highly qualified sources and get that ROI dial moving forward again.

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