Have You Considered SEO Landing Pages?

When non-specialists think about landing pages — if they think about them at all — their thoughts turn to landing pages for online advertising. While a focused, single-objective landing page is indeed crucial for any online ad campaign, landing pages are also highly effective for SEO.

Have you considered using them?

SEO landing pages are often used to focus on geo-targeted keywords. Suppose your company sells widgets all over the U.S. In that case, your website’s product pages probably speak to customers all over the U.S. and attract organic traffic from all over the U.S.

But suppose you want to sell deeper into 20 or 30 or 50 markets within the U.S. In that case, your SEO campaign could target keywords such as “widgets in Denver”, “widgets in Los Angeles”, etc. — and create widget product pages for each locale. Now, when users in Denver or LA are searching on Google, they’ll likely be taken to a page of your site that speaks directly and specifically to them. Higher relevance means higher conversion rates and higher SEO return on investment. 

Highly focused SEO landing pages can also be built out for niche applications, market segments and product varieties. What these landing pages will have in common is unique content, ultra-high relevance to the target keyword, a strong sales message, and a very specific call to action and conversion goal. 

Keyword research will reveal how much opportunity there is for you with SEO landing pages. Many clients are surprised by just how big the opportunity is. Contact us now to discuss how this approach could help you.

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