Formatting Matters

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If you’re driving to an unfamiliar location, odds are you’ll use some kind of GPS app on your phone. Why? You need easy-to-follow directions so you don’t get lost.

The same idea applies to digital copy. Don’t lose readers because your copy is difficult to navigate. Good formatting is important. Here’s why: Easy-to-follow copy can attract and keep a user’s attention, all the way to the CTA.

Maybe you have a blog post, meant to inform readers about a new product. Or, maybe you have a landing page about a key service offering meant to get leads to contact you. If the copy is an undistinguishable block of text, readers may get bored or lose their places, and likely won’t continue reading. Whatever the content’s purpose, clean formatting will help guide the reader.

With that in mind, below are some simple considerations to make your formatting professional and effective:

  • Subheads: Use short subheads to break up text.
  • Bold: Bold titles/subheads so they stand out from other text. This helps readers preview and gain further insight into the content, which is especially helpful for lengthy copy.
  • Spacing: Ensure spacing between headlines and paragraphs is uniform. Uneven spacing looks sloppy.
  • Bullet points: Use bulleted or numbered lists to break up text and make information easier for users to read/comprehend.

It’s amazing how a few bullet points, eye-catching subheads and uniform spacing can transform copy into something that’s attractive and simple to navigate. Drive your points home with good formatting; it just might give your content the necessary boost it needs to attract and convert website visitors into leads.

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