The Excellent Fringe Benefits Of SEO

Let’s be clear: The reason to invest in SEO, the driver, is to generate online sales leads or e-commerce revenue. Nevertheless, a well-executed SEO campaign offers companies several excellent fringe benefits. These are the ones that stand out.

Improved Website Content

You may have read that content quality and SEO are in conflict, that SEO keywords make content sound spammy. Nothing could be further from the truth. Since Google’s search algorithm values quality writing, SEO content should be held to a high-quality standard. Keywords, rather than interfering, should enhance content by using the common words — keywords — that people have in mind when thinking about your products and services. SEO campaigns push a company to fine-tune its content, especially on the pages that matter most — the homepage and major product/service pages. 

Improved Brand Awareness

A major part of any SEO campaign is link building. Without high-quality inbound links, most companies haven’t got a prayer of achieving decent organic rankings. One of the best ways to build links is by writing articles for other websites and blogs that include links back to the company’s website. Because they are of high quality (see above) and because they generally appear on websites in a company’s industry, related industries and high-traffic general websites, these articles make an impression on large and relevant audiences — creating an ever-expanding pool of suspects, prospects and referrals.

Improved Web Design

SEO also pushes companies to fine-tune (or in some cases, overhaul) their websites in ways that not only enhance SEO, but enhance the user experience from top to bottom and therefore generate more website conversions regardless of the source of the traffic. Key website improvements resulting from SEO include:

  • Better site navigation
  • Better internal linking structure
  • Better content readability
  • Better mobile design
  • Better calls to action
  • Better contact form usability
  • Better shopping cart design and functionality
  • Better page loading speed
  • Reduction/elimination of broken links
  • Better, more intuitive system of page redirects (i.e., taking people from old website pages to the appropriate replacement pages)

Improved Credibility

When someone is thinking about doing business with you, what is the first thing he or she does? Nine times out of 10, it’s going to Google to check out your company. If you have high organic rankings on terms these people associate with your business, they are impressed — maybe impressed enough to contact you or place an order. Moreover, SEO and local SEO in particular often entail the cultivation of positive online reviews — another thing your prospects will look at carefully when vetting you. Again, we see an example of how SEO improves lead generation and online revenue generation regardless of traffic source.

A Long-Term Company Asset

For all the reasons mentioned above, in addition to the large and ever-expanding lead/e-commerce revenue pipeline that is the main reason for SEO, having high Google rankings is a company asset that makes your business much more valuable to a potential buyer. High-quality content, brand awareness, an ultra-user-friendly website and a strong reputation are not free — they come at a cost. Your SEO program has paid the price and achieved the results, which saves a potential buyer the expense of doing all of those things from scratch.

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