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DIY And Fully Custom Are No Longer Your Only Website Choices

March 9, 2016

We’ve introduced a radically new platform, GoNorth! Websites (GNW) that strikes a perfect balance between DIY website platforms and a fully customized option.

GNW meets a huge need for small and midsized businesses that have been caught between a rock and a hard place, forced to choose between a DIY option that is inexpensive but inadequate, and a fully custom option that is expensive and overkill.

GNW websites are far less expensive than fully custom websites, but far, far more powerful than a DIY solution.

Before we get into the features of GNW, let’s take a quick look at the downsides of DIY and fully custom websites.

7 Big Disadvantages of DIY Websites

  1. No originality in design — Your stock template looks just like 10,000 other businesses.
  2. No copywriting — DIY copywriting takes forever and probably falls short.
  3. Shared hosting — Your page loading speed is slow, and you are vulnerable to frequent downtime.
  4. No SEO — Your website will not have the foundation you need to be visible on Google for organic search.
  5. No integration — Connecting your website to Google Analytics and other back-end management systems is difficult or impossible.
  6. Poor lead generation — Page templates lack the design flexibility to take visitors into a conversion funnel.
  7. Hard to maintain — Support options are limited.

4 Big Disadvantages of Fully Customized Websites

  1. Cost — A fully custom website can easily exceed $20,000.
  2. Development time — From project launch to website launch, a time frame of six months is fast.
  3. Feature overkill — A fully custom website may be too sophisticated — or run on a platform too robust — for your current and even future needs.
  4. Expensive to maintain — If the website is built on a complex platform and/or has too much functionality, monthly maintenance costs can be budget breakers.

Solution: GoNorth! Websites

GNW “splits the difference” between DIY and fully custom. It is an ideal website solution for:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Startups
  • Growth-oriented small to midsize businesses
  • Simple product/service offerings
  • Basic functionality requirements

Key Advantages of GNW:

  • GNW creates a custom design unique to your business.
  • GNW supplies professional copywriting.
  • GNW takes your site live in 30 days.
  • GNW websites are responsive — that is, mobile-friendly.
  • GNW websites include an optimized “Contact Us” form to attract leads.
  • Other content includes a catalog request form, service and product pages, custom pages determined by you, a staff section, photo gallery, video gallery, blog section and news section.
  • Last but not least, GNW websites have dedicated hosting, and feature lightning-fast page loading speed — Check it out!

Custom Made, Affordable and Super Fast: GNW

Check out our portfolio of GNW websites.

Interested in learning more? Contact us now to discuss your website needs!

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