Checklist — What Makes A Great Landing Page?

The lead generation success of a PPC campaign depends on the landing page. No matter how many clicks your ads generate, unless your landing page inspires visitors to inquire or order, your PPC investment will have underwhelming ROI.

What makes a great landing page? Here is a 10-point checklist to help you find out how your landing page measures.

The 10-Point Landing Page Quality Checklist

  1. Relevance. Landing page content must be highly relevant to the ad text.
  2. Credibility. The landing page must prove credibility to overcome skepticism. This can be accomplished through customer testimonials and guarantees, to name just two.
  3. Value proposition. Does the landing page give visitors a strong reason to take action? Proven value-prop winners: discounts, rebates, extended warranties and free merchandise with an order.
  4. Time sensitivity. To further motivate visitors to act, the landing page offer should be time sensitive. Even interested visitors will look for reasons to wait — it’s human nature.
  5. Persuasive imagery. Not every landing page visitor will take time to read text, so images are crucial to conversions. Custom photos highlighting key features or benefits of the product/service give conversions a big boost.
  6. Professional copywriting. There is an art and science to persuasive copywriting. When advertisers cut corners by relying on amateur writers for landing page text, they shoot themselves in the PPC foot.
  7. Clear call to action. Landing page visitors must be able to figure out how to take action instantaneously. Any confusion about what to expect when they click the “submit” button causes visitors to stay away.
  8. Privacy statement. A key reason why visitors don’t convert: fear their email address will be sold or given to advertisers. A great landing page includes a privacy statement to overcome this fear.
  9. Secondary offer. Not every potential customer is ready to order or inquire. Having a secondary offer on the landing page — such as a free download — draws in “tire kickers” who may become hot prospects in the future.
  10. Ongoing testing. No matter how great a landing page is out of the gate, it can get better with systematic A/B split testing of offers, imagery, calls to action and a host of other variables. The greatest landing page is one that is continuously improved to generate even more conversions.

If you’d like to discuss ways to improve the conversion power of your PPC campaign, please contact us. We’re eager to learn more about your goals and find new ways to achieve them.

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