Automated Blog Emails — Why And How To Deploy Them

Looking for a way to make your blog generate more subscribers, leads, revenue and engagement? A simple technique such as automated blog emails might just do the trick. You can use automated emails several ways:

  • Alert subscribers to new blog posts at a specified time and send frequency.

  • Welcome new subscribers when they sign up.

  • If a double opt-in email is part of your email strategy, you can automate the double opt-in mail.

  • Send emails for special events. For instance, send subscribers birthday wishes, anniversaries or whatever other information is in your database.

  • For e-commerce firms, send automated emails based on the subscriber purchase history.

The Value of Automated Blog Emails

By emailing blog posts, you repurpose your content and help subscribers read your posts without having to visit the site. Some subscribers prefer to read blog posts as emails.

Event emails and emails based on purchase history allow for personalization and customization of messaging — but without the labor of crafting email content one at a time.

In general, the streamlining effect of automated emails frees up the staff’s time to work on other marketing tasks that require more thought and originality — helping you put distance between your company’s marketing results and those of the competition.

Implementation Tips

Once you decide what your objective is, create an editorial calendar that maps out the specifics. You may need two editorial calendars — one for automated email content and another for emails that will have to be created and sent manually.

Write content, and design and develop templates for the automated emails. Load these into the ESP (email service provider) and set up the automation within the ESP. If you’re using a solid ESP, it will have technology for automation.

Once you define the automation parameters, be sure to conduct extensive testing to test lists (with yourself and colleagues) before implementing with actual lists.

When you implement the email, be sure to add yourself to the lists so you can monitor deployment and spot issues immediately.

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