7 Overused Words In Web Copy

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Want to make your writing tighter, cleaner and more professional? Your business’s content needs to be effective in order to attract prospects and generate leads. There are some frequently used words I have come to know and expect while editing/reviewing copy for companies that are attempting to boost lead-generating power.

However, these words are, at times, used so much in copy that they can lose their effectiveness. Of course, arguments can be made for why these words should be used. This is not a black-and-white issue. In most cases, though, they can be erased from a sentence and the meaning will stay the same and/or improve — especially for business-specific copy. Take a look at the following examples and you’ll understand why these words are overused.

1. Actually: I actually work with a B2B marketing agency.

According to contributor Claire Carusillo from New Republic, whether intentionally or not, “… actually often expresses a very specific attitude: condescension.” This is not a desirable attitude to convey to prospects.

2. Great: It’s great to use positive words, but there are so many synonyms that could convey what you’re trying to communicate better.

Synonyms such as: excellent, first-rate, outstanding, terrific, superb, brilliant, etc.

3. Quite: This word is quite ineffective.

Again, using “quite” here doesn’t do much to enhance this sentence. Remove it and the sentence becomes more succinct.

4. Solutions: We have the solutions to fit your needs.

The word “solutions” and term “solutions to fit your needs” is used in a lot of B2B copy, but it’s used so frequently that it may be losing its impact. While there’s nothing wrong with this phrase, it could be defined better by explicitly specifying what those solutions/services are, and exactly how they can help potential customers/clients. Pinpoint the vague term “solutions to fit your needs,” and your copy’s messaging will improve.

5. So: So, want to learn more about our company?

“So” is very conversational. Especially in B2B copywriting, where fact-based straightforward writing is favored, this word is out of place.

6. Stuff: She gathered her stuff.

“Stuff” is too vague. In this example, what kind of stuff did she gather? Her clothes, jewelry, furniture, papers? We’ll never know!

7. Things: His room was full of things.

“Things” is also too vague a term. Oftentimes, a more specific word can replace this.

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What words and/or phrases are you tired of reading? Please comment below!

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