5 Common And Serious SEO Flaws In Website Design

Without skilled developers and ongoing attention, a company’s website eventually becomes its own worst enemy in SEO. Here are the most common — and most serious — website flaws that must be corrected.

  1. Slow page loading speed. Google rewards fast-loading pages because search engine users hate to wait. Look for this factor to grow in importance.
  2. Poor or nonexistent mobile design. Mobile Internet usage now exceeds desktop, so the last thing Google wants to do is serve mobile-unfriendly website content to its search engine users.
  3. Confusing, spammy or self-defeating internal site links. Google can’t figure out the relative importance of website pages if internal linking is confusing, and thus tends to de-prioritize such pages. Websites that fail to link predominantly to important site pages, or employ outdated internal link designs, also push their content down in the SERPs (search engine results pages).
  4. Botched title tags. The title tag of a website page tells Google what the page is about, so it MUST include the proper keywords and conform to SEO standards.
  5. No dedicated pages for strategic keywords. Product/service pages MUST be built around strategically critical keywords so that these pages, rather than the home page, show up in SERPs when Google users are searching for those products/services.

There are many, many other issues that impair the SEO performance of a website. If you are concerned about the ones listed above or want a thorough review of your site’s SEO effectiveness, let’s talk!

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