40 Qualities of Successful Sales People

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For my coaching and advising program, I recently developed this list of qualities that sales people should develop to the best of their ability. Here they are - please let me know if you have any to add!

A Successful Sales Person Is

1. Prompt

2. Hard working

3. Ethical

4. Always listening

5. Asking the right questions

6. Sincere

7. Creative

8. Full of empathy

9. Positive

10. Organized

11. Attentive to detail

12. Thoroughly prepared

13. Good humored

14. Focused

15. Resourceful

16. Informed about his products

17. Informed about his industry

18. Informed about his competitors

19. Thick skinned, resilient

20. Aggressive

21. Flexible

22. Quick thinking

23. Tough minded

24. Skilled in writing

25. Skilled in marketing

26. Skilled in math

27. Skilled in reading

28. Well rounded

29. Emotionally balanced

30. Self confident

31. Passionate about her work

32. Willing to take risks

33. Competitive

34. Patient

35. Practical

36. Persistent

37. A strategist

38. A tactician

39. Curious

40. Generous


Looking over this list, I wonder - is it possible for a person to excel in all these things? Are some of them mutually exclusive? For instance, can one person be a great strategist and a great tactician?

Which are the most important qualities?

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