31 Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Email Campaign

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Email campaigns can be highly effective, but like anything else, you really have to know what you’re doing. If you can avoid all of these mistakes, your campaign should be a great success.

  1. Making it hard for people to unsubscribe
  2. Emailing without permission
  3. Buying lists
  4. Having no process to build the quality and size of the house list
  5. Having no process to maintain the data integrity of the house list
  6. Having no campaign goal
  7. Having too many campaign goals
  8. Having no KPIs to measure performance versus goal
  9. Having the wrong KPIs to measure performance versus goal
  10. Not having a mobile-friendly design
  11. Failing to split-test subject lines
  12. Using poorly composed subject lines
  13. Using subject lines with offers too good to be true
  14. Using subject lines that are too personal or weirdly personal
  15. Using content that is overly personal or inconsistently personal
  16. Using content that is cold and impersonal
  17. Using content with errors in grammar, usage or clarity
  18. Failing to test formatting, functionality of links and calls to action before sending
  19. Using an impersonal or automated “from” email address
  20. Failing to segment the house list for campaigns with multiple goals and messaging strategies
  21. Failing to split-test offers
  22. Having too many offers
  23. Not having an offer
  24. Failing to split-test titles, greetings, images, calls to action and other elements of the design and content
  25. Failing to give users a plain text formatting option
  26. Emailing on an inconsistent schedule
  27. Emailing too frequently
  28. Emailing too infrequently
  29. Not testing frequency to determine the most effective frequency
  30. Not testing days and times of email delivery
  31. Not reviewing analytics data, especially open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, unsubscribes, bounces and email sharing/forwarding

Over to You

What mistakes have you seen cause email marketing campaigns to fail?

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