10 Ways To Simplify Your Site Content And Generate More Leads

Website visitors are skimmers. If your website content is complicated, they won’t read it. You will lose sales leads. Here are 10 tips for simplifying your content.

  • Use bulleted or numbered lists.
  • Keep sentences short.
  • Highlight key points in bold.
  • Replace big words with small words.
  • Keep paragraphs 3-5 lines long.
  • Use subheads to break up chunks of text.
  • State key benefits or services in subheads.
  • Write like you are writing a personal letter.
  • Have outsiders read your content — do they understand it?
  • Score your text using the Flesh-Kincaid Grade Level test.

Why is company site content usually complicated? Because the company is trying to cover every possible detail: every objection, every product spec, every feature and every benefit.

Don’t get in your own way. Your site’s job is to get people to call or send a contact form. People don’t need every fact to be interested. If they are interested, they will get in touch.

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