10 Quick Ideas For Persuasive Lead Generation Website Photos

One of the most effective ways to get a competitive edge and bring in more website leads is to replace bland stock photos with exciting and informative ones. Here are quick tips for doing it.

  1. Close-up shots of products highlighting key benefits/features — WITH CAPTIONS.
  2. Custom shot of a real or hypothetical user realizing the BENEFIT of a product or service. For instance, a man sleeping in a hammock because of the peace of mind of owning an insurance policy.
  3. Professional, appealing headshots of company leaders on the bio page.
  4. Shots of the office space highlighting the environment/culture and/or the staff in action.
  5. Shots of the production area highlighting cleanliness, safety, efficiency, innovation, speed — or whatever else is a key point of differentiation.
  6. Shots of the warehouse area highlighting huge inventories, cleanliness, efficiency — or whatever else is a key point of differentiation.
  7. Shots of the service team highlighting professionalism, competence — very important for in-home service providers such as HVAC firms and contractors!
  8. Shots of the customer service team highlighting responsiveness, friendliness and professionalism — very important for firms where phone leads are important!
  9. Shots of actual customers using the product, with a brief testimonial — a highly effective way to build credibility and confidence.
  10. Shots of employees at company events and company fundraisers, to bring a personal touch and warmth to the overall website experience.

Looking for other ideas to take your lead generation website from good to great? Contact us now … we are eager to learn more about your business and give you some ideas.

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