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In the world of banking, marketing has never been more important. With so much competition — not just locally or in a given region, but also online where anyone can access information day or night — it’s harder than ever to get noticed.

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That’s why banks and credit unions need a way to differentiate their services if they’re going to succeed in the marketplace. Bank marketing helps financial institutions promote their services both online and offline. For most companies, working with a bank marketing company is the best way to develop a comprehensive strategy, using a variety of different bank marketing services together to build business.

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The Leading Types of Bank Marketing Services

When a bank utilizes the support of a bank marketing agency, its marketing plan will typically involve various methods of business promotion. Some of the leading tactics used today may include:

  • Web Design: For any company that wants to attract new business, a good website is practically a given in today’s economy. More and more customers are online — not just at their computers, but also via smartphones and tablets on the go. While online, they need to be able to find a particular bank if they’re going to be compelled to use its services. Responsive web design ensures that any user has the same experience on a bank’s site, whether they’re accessing it from a desktop or a mobile device.
  • Internet Marketing: Banks ask customers to trust them with their money, so any strategy for building credibility is vital. That’s where Internet marketing comes into play, from social media for building branding and relationships to SEO and PPC for increasing visibility in search results.
  • Email Marketing: Email marketing can produce quality results, particularly when it’s carefully managed and strategized. A bank marketing agency will know how to use email to reinforce branding, better convert leads and produce measurable outcomes.
  • Local Giveaways: For banks that target customers in specific geographic locations, local giveaways and events can be useful ways to build a sense of community. Free money is always attention grabbing. With the help of a bank marketing firm, banks can get creative with new ways to create buzz and draw new traffic to their branches through various giveaways.
  • Offline Marketing Materials: As important as the Internet is today, it doesn’t diminish the value of in-person marketing. When visitors come to a bank, when a bank participates in local events and/or when it sends mailings, paper marketing materials still play an important role. From business cards to brochures to instructional pamphlets, there are a variety of ways to use creative materials to promote a bank’s services — and a bank marketing company can help an institution make the most of them.

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Benefits of Working With a Bank Marketing Firm

While banks are experts at managing money, bank marketing firms are experts at generating and converting new leads. That’s why banks and credit unions have a lot to gain in working with marketing agencies. The agency can research and analyze the best ways to build business, and the bank can focus on doing what it does best — serving clients.

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