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Today's auto mechanic is constantly looking for ways to lower operating costs in order to provide a more affordable service to customers while increasing the bottom line for the business.

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This means marketing for auto parts dealers and shops must evolve as the buyers’ needs change. With the advent of the Internet, mechanics and auto repair shops have started searching online for parts at the best possible prices. To remain relevant, auto parts companies must embrace online marketing along with offline marketing to reach the most customers. Here are some of the most effective strategies for auto parts marketing.

Search Engine Optimization

When mechanics go online to look for parts, they will use search engines. Having a website that uses current SEO strategies ensures that an auto parts store’s website is among the first listed for these searches. Effective SEO requires an understanding of the types of searches done for auto parts. Potential auto parts customers may search for:

  • A specific part
  • Vehicle make and model
  • Function of the part
  • Particular problem being fixed
  • Specific brand names
  • Part numbers

Auto parts distributors and sales professionals can increase their sales working with an auto parts marketing company that will write content that includes these commonly searched keywords, as well as building links back to their website.

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Content Marketing

Content marketing is quite effective for auto parts suppliers because many mechanics and those looking to do their own auto repair need guidance on how to best install and utilize the products the supplier offers. Providing quality content that offers DIY advice, including how-to videos and written content, will brand the auto parts supplier as an expert while also ensuring a large amount of traffic flows to the site. An auto parts marketing firm can help generate, optimize and post this content, pushing traffic to the store’s site and increasing sales.

Email Campaigns

With mechanics increasingly heading online to buy parts, email marketing has become an effective medium. Parts distributors can send their product catalogues through email, announce new products, offer VIP sales and discounts, and highlight their online content by emailing their customers directly. Because it’s such an effective venue, auto parts marketing services should include the option for email marketing campaigns.

PPC Advertising

PPC advertising, such Google, Bing, Facebook and other platforms, allow auto parts distribution companies and sales professionals to pay for advertising that’s actually working. This particular form of marketing provides an unprecedented level of targeting precision, ensuring that advertising dollars are going only toward customers who actually click on ads, while offering the flexibility to make changes quickly as marketing opportunities change. Traffic from PPC advertising is valuable because these are the people who are actively searching for parts to buy for their cars or shops.

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Geographic Specific Internet Marketing

Many auto parts are large and bulky, and mechanics often shop local to avoid shipping costs. For this reason, Internet marketing SEO, PPC and other online marketing benefits from a geo-targeted focus. Auto parts stores can gain these companies through the use of keywords and content that uses the shop’s location and nearby communities.

Offline Marketing Tactics

Offline marketing remains effective and important for auto parts stores and sales professionals. Some effective offline marketing techniques include:

  • Parts catalogues in the mail
  • Automotive tradeshows
  • Promotional items
  • Business cards
  • Traveling sales professionals

Incorporating both online and offline techniques to a complete marketing strategy proves to be effective for the modern auto parts company.

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