Aaron Wittersheim

Chief Operating Officer

As Chief Operating Officer at Straight North, Aaron’s focus is on Internet marketing services, website service and technology. He provides a critical link between technology and strategic Internet marketing by ensuring that the agency maintains the technical efficiency and sophistication to carry out its complex, integrated campaigns.

An accomplished entrepreneur with over 25 years of business, marketing and technology experience, Aaron has helped startups, middle market firms and Fortune 500 companies improve organizational structure and grow through his expertise in digital marketing, web development, process conception, task automation and internal project management.

With innovative skills in creating and managing web-based software from concept to launch, he has specialized expertise in lead/revenue generation through a multifaceted approach incorporating business strategy, interaction design, web development, Internet marketing, analytics and conversion optimization. He is proficient in system administration and software implementation across Windows, Mac and Linux technology environments.

Aaron’s highly successful search engine marketing and web development firm, Whoast, Inc., launched in 2005, was acquired by Straight North in 2009.