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We Build Efficient Lead-Generation Websites that Drive Qualified Traffic

Does Your Site Sell?

A website should attract traffic that converts into leads. If your site is underperforming in that area, you are failing to tap into the existing online demand for your products and services. No matter how much marketing you do, a significant number of people are looking for what you sell – but don’t know who you are.

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Custom Website Development with Depth

Our team of in-house, full-time developers is experienced and proficient in all aspects of the front-end and back-end skills needed for lead generation websites, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, Drupal CMS, MySQL and Git. Because our developers are full-time, in-house employees, we have the depth of talent as well as the breadth. With our Web development agency, the success of your project never depends on the skills or availability of a single individual. In terms of maintaining timelines and keeping the process running smoothly, bench depth is a key factor.

Custom Website Development with a Marketing Twist

What separates us from a website development agency is our focus and expertise in Internet marketing. Your site will not only be built with solid plumbing, but it also will be configured for SEO and lead tracking, and employ best practices for user experience (UX) and conversion rate optimization (CRO).

Responsive Web Design Is Standard

Your site will have responsive Web design, enabling it to adjust automatically for optimal viewing on desktops, tablets and mobile phones. Responsive Web design has become a must-have site feature because so many users now use small screens to access the Internet. Unless your site is responsive, you run a high risk of alienating new prospects and existing customers.

The Value of Professional Web Development

For a business to compete for online attention and leads, its website must function on all cylinders in all respects. Firms that rely on part-time developers with limited skill sets pay a heavy price, and open the door for competitors to get more than their fair share of traffic and leads. Here is a (very) partial list of ways our professional website developers give you the edge:

  • Page loading speed. Slow page loading is bad for SEO and horrible for users. We make sure your pages are built to load quickly.
  • Lead tracking. Your site will be configured to enable you to know the source of every online lead. Without this invaluable functionality, you lack the data to modify and continuously improve your marketing campaigns.
  • User satisfaction. We’ve all experienced the frustration (or worse) of working with a website that seems full of petty torments. Links that don’t work, forms that don’t submit, and instructions that are incomprehensible drive users to competitors. They are often the result of inefficient campaigning and testing.
  • Efficient maintenance. A poorly built site is continually in need of repairs, is difficult to update and often experiences a high level of downtime. All this adds up to unstable performance that frustrates users, as well as high maintenance costs and a lot of irritation. We can’t claim that our sites maintain themselves, but we can say they come as close to it as you can find.
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I was very impressed with Straight North’s approach to our website project. Everything had a purpose and process, which led to a great result — a site that everyone here is extremely proud of.

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