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Social media, PPC, mobile search, email blasts, blogging: Today, B2B firms have a virtually unlimited number of tools at their disposal for Internet marketing – with new opportunities coming on stream every day. This wealth of options can be a blessing or a curse.

It’s a curse when marketing activities are uncoordinated, unfocused and under supported. Sales opportunities are lost, and marketing becomes a cost center instead of a profit generator.

In contrast, Internet marketing is a blessing when activities are coordinated, focused and executed with skill. Now, marketing becomes a rich source of new sales, highly qualified leads and positive brand awareness.

Straight North, a Chicago Internet marketing services agency, works with B2B firms to identify the right mix of marketing tools and put them to work with profitable purpose. We accomplish this because we are strategists and in-the-trenches specialists: We help firms clean up because we’re not afraid to get our hands dirty doing the actual work.

A Message from Our CEO

"Whether your goal is to generate leads or sell products, your website should be designed to communicate with human beings and with search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. You'll likely have better success positioning your company as an authority and moving up in the search rankings by using a mix of search-engine marketing tools: Search-engine optimization, social media, blogs, email marketing, affiliate advertising and syndication of content are some tools that can make an impact. Determine which best fits your company's online marketing strategy and make a long-term commitment to executing your strategy. It can take three to six months or several years, depending on how competitive the industry is, to be effective. You can't do it for a couple of weeks and expect results." — David Duerr, CEO, Straight North (from Crain’s Chicago Business)

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