Content Marketing Services

Content marketing services include web copywriting, social media copywriting, editing, proofreading, publishing, syndication and specialty copywriting.

Turn Words into New Customers

Our Content Marketing Objectives

Online content marketing services are designed to help firms communicate with customers and prospects in ways that encourage interaction and build brand loyalty. In its essence, content marketing overcomes a firm’s frustration with knowing it has superb products and services … but nobody seems to “get it.”

Our Content Marketing Approach

Our approach to content marketing is highly strategic and collaborative. Working together, we determine the key underlying messages. Then, we develop a system to effectively communicate these themes and respond to customers and potential customers. Depending on your internal resources, you may look to us for various levels of ongoing support for your writing, editing, syndicating and engagement efforts.

Why Straight North: Creative and Technical Expertise

Our staff includes specialists in content strategy, social media, copywriting, syndication, and Drupal content management system (CMS) programming and support. As with most Internet marketing activities, successful content marketing is a blend of art and science. We will help you paint a captivating portrait of your firm, and also make sure the right people see it and respond. In short, we will help you turn words into new customers.

Social media, corporate blogs, branding, public relations, content management

Copywriting, editing, syndication, social media, Drupal CMS

SEO copywriting, PPC advertising, video scripting, white papers

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