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PPC Management Services

Straight North provides comprehensive PPC services for campaigns of all sizes, for both sales lead and e-commerce revenue generation.

We are a Premier Google Partner and also an Accredited Professional for Bing Ads. Here are features of our work that make our PPC marketing services stand out.

PPC Management Technology

  • Our system is automated, with parameters set up manually based on client goals (with focus on CPA).
  • Our system automates keyword bid, device bid, and campaign budget allocation/prioritization.
  • We utilize the smartest algorithmic technology available to PPC service providers, providing us with several advantages, including —
    • Anywhere from a few to thousands of adjustments per day per client account — far more than what can be accomplished manually
    • Advanced forecasting capabilities to help clients scale as opportunities become available
    • Automated budget pacing to ensure even spending throughout the month
    • Advanced reporting that enables our PPC campaign services team to optimize as intelligently as possible and avoid human error

GoNorth! Reporting

  • Our reporting platform generates transparent reports of actual sales leads (as opposed to any phone call or form submission) via an online dashboard.
  • This platform allows our PPC management services team to utilize the most accurate keyword-level lead data to optimize and improve campaigns.
  • The platform allows you to view campaign-level metrics (including validated leads).
  • You see the full history of leads, impressions, clicks and all other major metrics.
  • Each lead can be viewed individually with keyword-level attribution data.

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Landing Page Testing

  • Landing pages are built on an advanced, customizable landing page platform.
  • Our experienced team has the ability to quickly produce customized, dynamic landing pages that typically improve existing website conversion rates.
  • Conversion rate optimization accounts for half of the main equation for cost-per-lead improvement — which is why CRO should never be ignored, and we don’t.
  • Our team of CRO experts works with you to insure your landing page layout and design are the best possible.
  • Our PPC services team includes experienced, highly talented designers and copywriters.

Keyword and Ad Research Testing

  • In-depth initial keyword research and competitor analysis to find the ideal starting foundation
  • Ongoing “refreshes” of competitor analysis to ensure ads and keywords adapt and stay ahead of a constantly changing landscape
  • Experienced ad copywriters who use the best in competitor analysis technology
  • Aggressive testing utilizing a combination of best practice and our own proven, proprietary methods

Since 2002, we’ve helped clients increase their lead pipelines and generate more online revenue through intelligent, sophisticated PPC management services. Over the years, we have worked with clients across a broad range of B2B and B2C verticals, making us familiar with the competitive terrain. Our experience helps us quickly ramp up your campaign and avoid the strategic and tactical errors that PPC services firms with less experience are likely to make.

No matter what industry you’re in, your business has its own unique features and competitive challenges. This is why we start every campaign with rigorous discovery, so that we understand everything we can about your products, services, features, benefits and competitors.

To discuss our PPC campaign management services in more detail or to receive a proposal, please contact us now or call us toll free at 855-883-0011.