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PPC Keyword Research Services

Keywords are the heart of a PPC campaign, being the main driver of how the campaign structure should be built. With initial PPC keyword research, the goal is to uncover as many target keywords as possible. Ongoing keyword research for PPC, involving the review of search terms that have triggered ads, identifies new keywords and negative keywords that continually improve campaign performance.

Important Elements of PPC Keyword Research

Potential campaign keywords must be thoroughly researched to identify those with the best potential for conversion. The most important things to consider:

  • Target audience demographics — Who is looking for the client's products/services?
  • Relevance — What products/services is the client going to advertise?
  • Geographic service areas — In what locations are the products/services offered? International, national, regional, state, cities, and zip codes have great bearing on keyword selection.
  • Intent — Does the keyword show user intent for the client's products/services? For example, "carpet cleaning company" reveals greater buying intent than "carpet cleaning".
  • Negatives — What keywords should be eliminated from the campaign? For example, a carpet cleaning company will not want its ads to display for "carpet cleaning products".
  • Average cost per click (CPC) for each keyword — This data is crucial as a gauge for campaign budgeting.
  • Search volume — Also crucial data for gauging the campaign budget. In PPC campaigns, all keywords are targeted, regardless of volume, even keywords Google estimates to have zero search volume. Low-volume keyword data adds up to big numbers.

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Taking shortcuts with keyword research for PPC never pays. The agency with which you choose to work should have trained PPC keyword researchers on staff. Keep in mind that PPC keyword research is fundamentally different from SEO keyword research, so SEO data is only a small input in setting up the PPC campaign structure.

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