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PPC Audit Services

Our PPC campaign audit services take a comprehensive look at all aspects of your campaign, allowing you to evaluate the effectiveness of your pay-per-click investment and areas in need of improvement. Important features of the audit include:

  • Analysis of your existing Google AdWords or Bing Ads account
  • Review of whether your campaign structure and settings were built out using best practices
  • Determination of whether your exiting campaign can be used for improvement or if a new campaign build is necessary
  • Identification of low-hanging fruit — easy fixes and quick wins to accelerate return-on-investment (ROI)
  • Analysis of campaign alignment with business goals and priorities
  • Suggestions for other improvements to increase campaign performance

Areas of Review in the Paid Search Audit

When we say our AdWords account audit is thorough, we mean it: All seven areas of your campaign are scrutinized in-depth. Here is an overview of your audit's scope.

1. Account Settings

Key areas of focus include reviewing who has access to your AdWords account, confirming that your other Google Accounts (e.g., Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Play, Google Merchant Center) are tied to AdWords to share data; checking email notification settings; and checking account preferences for language display, number format, time zone, auto-tagging, etc.

2. Campaign Structure

The pay-per-click audit reviews the language your ads are targeting; networks on which your ads are shown (Google Search, Search Partners); ad scheduling (days and times of day your ads run); on what devices your ads are shown; in what geographic areas your ads are shown; and bid strategy to determine whether your bidding for a specific campaign is focused on clicks, focused on conversions, or employs a flexible bid strategy.

3. Ad Group Structure

Of all the factors that make PPC effective, ad relevance is probably at the top of list. We review ad group structure to determine whether keywords are grouped tightly together using common themes.

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4. Keywords

We review whether and to what degree keywords relate to your business products/services being offered; the level of buying intent for each keyword; the match type being used (broad match, broad match modifier, phrase match, exact match). We also conduct independent keyword research to mine for new keyword and negative keyword ideas.

5. Ad Text

Your PPC account audit will contain a thorough review of ad text, including relevance of text to keywords and relevance of text to business products/services being offered. We review whether ad text includes credibility statements, calls-to-action, promos or offers, and makes best use of character limits, and includes display URLs. Finally, we evaluate ad testing methodology (A/B or multivariate testing) — if testing is being conducted.

6. Destination Pages

Destination pages — sometimes called landing pages — are another critical component of effective PPC. Our audit reviews the relevance of the destination page text and imagery to keywords and ad text, and whether the page needs to reinforce ad text promos, offers, CTAs, etc. We make recommendations about whether the current destination page is the best page to be used for each ad group and if current destination pages follow best practices for usability and conversion optimization. Finally, we evaluate page split testing methodology, if testing is being conducted.

7. Tracking

Improper tracking leaves you in the dark about the effectiveness of your campaign. Our audit confirms that auto-tagging is on and Google Analytics is tied to your Google AdWords account; whether call tracking is set up to enable you to know which call came from a specific keyword on a specific date and time; whether form tracking is set up to enable you to know which form submission came from a specific keyword on a specific date and time; whether Google AdWords conversion tracking is set up and set up properly; and whether Google Analytics goals are set up and set up properly.

A comprehensive PPC audit is the only way to determine how effectively your campaign is working, because weak links in any of these seven areas will undermine results, no matter how well other areas of the campaign are being carried out.

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