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PPC Automation

Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing PPC for agencies that embrace new campaign technologies — agencies such as Straight North.

Using AI To Reshape PPC Campaigns And Accelerate ROI

Leveraging platforms at the forefront of AI — Kenshoo, Google and others — our agency is achieving unprecedented levels of hyper-targeting, bidding efficiency, streamlined execution and overall client alignment. What does this do for our clients?

  • Unparalleled ROI and ROAS improvement
  • Best-of-class click-through rate (CTR) improvement
  • Best-of-class conversion rate improvement

The World of PPC Is Changing — Are You?

We utilize machine-learning intelligence to take you beyond the keyword. PPC is no longer all about sedentary users looking at Google search results on an office desktop. Search is evolving at a rapid pace: New visual and mobile-friendly ad formats are being introduced, and search is happening in new places (such as mobile phones on commuter trains) and moving into new phases of the customer journey. And all this change is accelerating, fast!

As search moves beyond simple keywords, are you keeping up?

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The Role of AI in Straight North PPC Campaigns

At the high level, AI executes PPC tasks far more efficiently than a single person or team. For example:

  • AI can make anywhere from 100 to 10,000 bid/bid adjustments in a single day.
  • AI eliminates change for the sake of change. No changes are arbitrary, with all optimization actions working toward an established goal.
  • AI eliminates mundane tasks from a PPC specialist’s daily routine, allowing us to spend our time on analysis, communication and growth initiatives.
  • AI serves to eliminate human error from the PPC management equation, ensuring that strategies are implemented exactly as intended. Human error is inevitable with manual management. But combining auto-intelligent technologies with experienced human oversight results in highly efficient campaigns that are revolutionizing rates of continuous improvement in lead and online order generation for Straight North clients.

Specific examples of AI for behavioral prediction, hyper-targeting and other PPC applications:

  • Scenario planning and predictive forecasting. AI tools allow us to better understand overall market potential, build forward-looking analyses of optimal campaign structures and preview returns at various spend levels. Thus, campaigns are built for execution that meshes as tightly as possible with your business goals, reducing or eliminating missteps, dead ends and false starts.
  • Landing page split testing. We utilize Instapage to test slight variations on landing pages (for instance, form colors and calls-to-action). We can view results in real time in Instapage or in our own reporting platform to make lightning-fast improvements in landing page design and content.
  • Bid changes. AI tools monitor many signals including time of day, day of week, device, audience, location and more. Bids rapidly become more focused on searches that show the best promise for click-through and conversion, by processing data at a rate and with accuracy that an army of PPC specialists would be challenged to match. Many algorithm-based bidding models are possible, including the Portfolio Model, Keyword Model, PLA Model and Custom Rules-based Model.
  • Budget changes. This is an enormous time saver. Kenshoo ensures that spending is properly spread throughout the month to best meet client goals. Previously at Straight North (but the way many agencies still do it) was budgeting via Excel docs and daily manual inputting of spend data, and then making changes. Our current platform automatically allocates your budget among campaigns AND channels. For example, if Google Campaign A is underperforming Bing Campaign B on Tuesdays in California, Kenshoo will shift budget at the exact right moment to maximize performance, and then re-allocate again and again as needed, constantly re-evaluating with more data.

With millions or billions of pieces of information relevant to your campaign there for the taking, the winners are companies that find and process the greatest number of them. This is what we do by testing every promising AI tool we can find, and then integrating the best of them into our PPC execution. We’ll take the guesswork and costly human labor out of your campaign — and replace it with more quality leads and online revenue.

To learn more about how AI can help improve your PPC campaign, call us today at 855-883-0011 or request a quote.