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Our search engine marketing services include search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) marketing with a focus on generating leads and revenue for your business.

When you work with us, expect precise execution, expert execution and transparency in all aspects of our work and reporting.

Why Straight North Is the Best Professional Search Engine Marketing Firm

We take the mystery out of search engine marketing management. Our communication and reporting are clear and detailed. We want you to know exactly what work we are doing on your behalf, and how results are progressing.

Focus on Lead Generation
In the end, companies engage in a search engine marketing company to generate leads. All of our campaign decisions, from strategy to tactical adjustments, are based on how they will affect the number and quality of your leads.

Experts in the Field
Our large, in-house, full-time staff of search engine marketing professionals includes strategists, Web designers, developers, search marketing specialists, analysts and account managers. We have all the talent to execute even the most complex campaigns.

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Being in a highly specialized niche, we didn’t think SEO would help us generate leads, and we are happy to report that Straight North proved us wrong!

Denis Tan
Web Content Specialist

Many of our clients use multiple campaigns to generate online leads. What’s right for you? Our first step is always discovery, an evaluation of your business, industry and competitive landscape. Based on that, we make recommendations about where your investment will pay off best. Options include:

  • SEO – Global, national, regional and local. Straight North has a worldwide reputation for excellence and thought leadership.
  • PPC – Global, national, regional and local. We are a certified Google Partner for AdWords and Bing Ads Accredited Professional.

A dedicated account manager, an individual with exceptional search marketing, communication and project management skills, will quarterback your campaign. Your account manager oversees all aspects of your campaign and is your main point of contact for all communication. The account manager is one facet of our proven, time-tested process for designing and executing search marketing campaigns. These campaigns have a lot of moving parts, and even the most brilliant strategy will fall flat without precise execution.

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