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Graphic Design Services

Straight North offers a wide range of graphic design services for both print and web requirements.

Design and Layout

Our experienced team of in-house graphic designers and art directors work in a Mac-based environment utilizing the most current software.

In addition to creative development, we can also provide print management, which is billed separately as a management fee. Our oversight services include paper selection, providing print quote options, on-site printing review and supervision, and deployment. This service is ideal for clients that do not have existing relationships with printers and/or an in-house staff to manage print production.


Our in-house copywriters and editors are experienced in B2B, B2C and NPO style and technique. Strong, clear, useful and error-free content is an essential accompaniment to graphic design in any form of marketing communication. Whether the assignment is a 4-word tagline or a 5,000-word white paper, effective content drives lead generation or whatever other action your communication piece is intended to inspire.

Photography and Video

We use our in-house photographers as well as trusted outside resources for studio and on-site assignments. Professional custom photography transforms ordinary marketing materials into powerful lead generation and brand-building assets. We have enormous experience in photographing facilities, personnel, products and product applications.

Popular Graphic Design Projects

Collateral brochures

Effective brochures tell a persuasive story about your product, service or company. Because we take the time to learn about your sales process, our designers and copywriters create collateral that help you make sales — by grabbing the prospect’s attention and then inspiring them to take action.

Sales support: Folders, slicks, info sheets

In sales, it’s not just about what you say, it’s also how you say it. Our sales support pieces combine hard-hitting messaging with paper quality appropriate for your audience. Whether your sales team is working with C-suite executives or the maintenance crew, we will help you establish credibility and make a solid impression.

Logo and branding

  • Logo marks — Create a new image or update an old logo to capture your brand. We deliver final logo files in multiple formats for digital and print purposes.
  • Standards guide — We create a document that describes the proper way to use the logo mark: positioning, fonts, colors, etc. A basic standards guide is four pages, but complex ones can run to several hundred pages.
  • Stationery packages — Our stationery package includes templates for business cards, letterhead, envelopes and labels. More specialized items such as a standard pocket folder can be added.

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Advertisements for printed publications

Printed advertising still has enormous reach and conversion potential in many verticals. The key to effective print advertising is, of course, creating an attention-getting ad that inspires readers to take action — things our graphic design team does on a daily basis.

Digital banner ads

We are adept at creating, testing and continually improving digital banner ads used for display advertising campaigns and on-site advertisements. We apply all of the necessary conversion rate optimization (CRO) design and testing techniques to give you the best possible click-through rates.

Websites, microsites and landing pages

Straight North has been building websites, microsites and landing pages for decades. Visit our Portfolio to see some of our recent work.

Infographics and other content assets

A content asset is a web-based piece of content, usually with strong graphic design elements, that has high value to your target audience. Types of content assets include infographics, presentations, white papers and detailed articles analyzing complex business issues.

Trade show support

Trade show displays and creative consultation are in our wheelhouse.

To discuss our graphic design services in more detail or to receive a proposal, please contact us now or call us toll free at 855-883-0011.