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Google Analytics Setup

Google Analytics is a tremendously powerful tool, but also an extremely complex one. Our Google Analytics setup service is a turnkey solution for setting up and implementing your new Google Analytics account.

The two big benefits: You can stay focused on your core marketing activities, and you can be sure your analytics are set up and implemented with unsurpassed precision. Straight North has been a power user since 2005.

1. Discovery and Consultation

Although Google Analytics is all about code and configuration, the setup of your Google Analytics platform is useless unless it is built around your specific business and Internet marketing goals. Before we start punching keyboards, we communicate with you to understand what information you need to track and measure online activities important to your business. In this way, we set up campaign goals and events, and execute other Google Analytics functionality that zeroes in on data that helps you continuously improve your Internet marketing campaigns and website performance.

Perhaps just as important, by gaining an understanding of your strategic objectives and KPIs, we can filter data from your Google Analytics setup, so you are not distracted by the mountains of data Google Analytics is capable of throwing at you. While it is true that you must measure to manage, too much data leads to analysis paralysis. Our setup discovery and consultation phase is how we make sure your analytics improves rather than impedes your decision-making process.

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2. Setup and Configuration

Specific setup and configuration activities vary depending on the client's business model, marketing campaign objectives, and website structure. Our completed Google Analytics setup enables you to track and evaluate key relevant data, including such things as:

  • AdWords PPC integration
  • Event tracking
  • Goal tracking
  • KPI tracking

Implementing Google Analytics to collect this data properly is very complex and involves a great number of "behind the scenes" analyses and executions. For instance, placing Google Analytics code on every page of the website is very important; otherwise, accurately tracking user movement from page to page on the website and other important data is not possible. Another example: Correct Google Analytics setup excludes the internal IP address. If this is not done, internal users of the website inflate traffic and other data, as well as produce data about on-site user behavior that reflects how employees, rather than customers and prospects, use the company website. These and many other nuances must be handled correctly; otherwise, the data produced by Google Analytics will be too flawed to be useful.

3. Testing and Fine Tuning

Once your Google Analytics account setup is complete, we test it to make sure all systems are go. This is a highly collaborative phase of our service, as we want you to see reports and work with the data to make sure everything meets your expectations and needs. Inevitably, the need for slight tweaks will become apparent once the platform is being used. This is to be expected, and our team works with you to iron out any wrinkles. Once that work is done, our Google Analytics setup service is complete.

Don't Market in the Dark

Time and time again, companies meet to discuss poor Internet marketing or website performance — and walk away more perplexed than ever. A major cause of going around in circles: flawed data. If you are not tracking website data fully, accurately and granularly, you will never be able to tell with certainty which campaigns and keywords are driving revenue and sales leads, which offers are working, which campaigns should be ramped up, and which website pages need further optimization. Our Google Analytics setup service prevents you from marketing in the dark.

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