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Google Analytics Consulting

As a leading Google Analytics consultant, we help clients get the full value out of this remarkably robust platform.

A Google Analytics power user since it was introduced as Urchin Software in 2005, we use Google Analytics on a daily basis to successfully manage complex Internet marketing campaigns for large e-commerce and lead generation websites. With more than a decade of experience and thousands of client campaigns under our belt, we are ideally positioned to help you maximize the power of Google Analytics — enabling you to dramatically improve lead generation, e-commerce revenue and brand awareness.

Strategic Google Analytics Consulting Services

Clients typically engage us when they are unsure whether they are using Google Analytics properly, or want to unlock the potential of additional Google Analytics functionality that they may — or may not – be aware of. These engagements are project-based, and usually have a one- to three-month duration. Common issues include:

  • Organizations with multiple websites having difficulty segmenting their Google Analytics data
  • Organizations having difficulty interpreting their Google Analytics data
  • Organizations needing to tie Google Analytics more tightly to their PPC and other Internet marketing campaigns
  • Organizations interested in leveraging the full power of mobile and/or social media analytics
  • Organizations needing more sophisticated, granular and customized data filtering, collection and reporting options
  • Organizations seeking a deeper understanding of their conversion funnels
  • Organizations that have been using Google Analytics for the basics, but are now ramping up their Internet marketing campaigns and have more complex analytics requirements
  • Organizations needing internal Google Analytics training

Request A Free Consultation

Our Google Analytics consultants are hands-on, technical experts with deep experience using the platform to manage and continuously improve PPC, SEO, display advertising, email marketing and social media marketing campaigns. In addition to practical experience using Google Analytics for campaign management, the team also develops Google Analytics strategies and configurations for our lead generation and e-commerce website development clients.

In short, if you are looking for a Google Analytics consultant with practical knowledge you can leverage to improve your marketing immediately, Straight North is an ideal choice.

Shift Your Internet Marketing Out of Neutral

Not taking advantage of our Google Analytics site audit is like owning a Ferrari but never taking it past first gear. All Internet marketing campaigns and website enhancements are driven by accurate and detailed data. Google Analytics is a tremendously powerful platform, capable of delivering far more information and insight than you are currently able to see. Let us help you shift your Internet marketing into overdrive today.

Our Fees

Our fees for display consulting services are $250 per hour, with a minimum block of 10 hours. Our senior Google Analytics experts perform all consulting work.