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Google Analytics Audit

Our Google Analytics audit gives you the peace of mind that the platform is properly set up to track the information you need to manage your Internet marketing campaigns and interpret their effectiveness, along with that of your website.

If issues exist in a Google Analytics configuration — and very frequently they do — the inaccurate or incomplete tracking that results can derail a potentially profitable Internet marketing campaign or lead to incorrect decisions about website performance. Key issues our Google Analytics audit uncovers include the following:

  • E-commerce tracking. Correct setup enables online merchandisers to see key data such as conversion rate, number of transactions, revenue generated, average order value, number of unique purchases and sources of generated revenue.
  • Event tracking. Event tracking enables you to track user behavior on your site, such as how many times a document was downloaded, how many users scrolled down a page, etc. As always, improper setup leads to flawed campaign decisions.
  • Excluding the Internal IP address. A particularly important filter excludes internal IP activity, as internal website users inflate website traffic and skew onsite user behavior data.
  • Filter setup. The amount of data Google Analytics provides is sometimes too massive to facilitate decision-making. Accurate filtering allows you to limit or modify the data included in a view, such as viewing a specific subdomain.
  • Goal setup. Google Analytics goals enable you to track key user activities such as purchases and completions of inquiry forms. But campaign goals must be set up properly to provide accurate, meaningful information.

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Make Sure Your Analytics Are Running Properly

Google Analytics is a tremendously powerful tool, but without proper maintenance, is like owning a Ferrari with clogged filters or a dead battery — at best, you'll get minimal performance, and at worst, none at all. Our Google Analytics audit makes sure your system operates at peak levels. The impact of a well-oiled Google Analytics machine: More compelling Internet marketing and website enhancements brought to life more quickly, more sales leads and more revenue.

  • Correctly linking Google AdWords to Google Analytics. Your PPC campaign must communicate properly with Google Analytics to make campaign data maximally visible; import Analytics goals, e-commerce transactions and metrics; and use full remarketing functionality in AdWords.
  • Correctly linking Google Search Console to Google Analytics. Proper setup enables you to access Search Console search data directly from Google Analytics, and access Google Analytics reports from the Console's "Links to your site" and "Sitelinks" pages.
  • Making sure Google Analytics code is on every page of the website. Code is sometimes accidentally omitted from some pages (such as one or more in a string of checkout pages), which skews your understanding of how users are engaging with your website.
  • Making sure only one instance of Google Analytics code is on the website. This error produces faulty data for important information such as bounce rate and page views.
  • Using the correct UTM parameter for Bing PPC. Bing campaigns must be properly tagged; otherwise, Google Analytics interprets the traffic they generate as organic.

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