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Email Marketing Reporting

Email marketing reporting from an agency should be transparent and delivered quickly, possibly in real time. Reviewing reports monthly is important for clients to stay aware of the campaign's effectiveness and the return on their investment. Important items to review on email marketing reports include the following.

Email Marketing Reporting Items

  • Open Rate. (Emails opened) divided by (emails sent minus bounces).
  • Total Opens. The total number of times the item was viewed by recipients. If one recipient reads the email five times, this results in five total opens.
  • Unique Opens. The total number of recipients who open the email. This metric eliminates multiple recipient views.
  • Bounces. The number of subscribers who did not receive the email due to a bounce
  • Hard Bounces. The number of hard bounces (i.e., emails bounced due to permanent conditions such as a nonexistent email address)
  • Soft Bounces. The number of soft bounces (i.e., emails bounced due to temporary conditions such as a full email inbox)
  • Clicked a Link. The number of email links clicked by recipients
  • Unsubscribes. The total number of recipients who clicked the unsubscribe link in the email
  • Marked as Spam. The total number of users who marked the email as spam in their email application
  • Social Shares. The total number of social shares and email forwards executed by recipients
  • Conversions. Phone calls and form submissions generated from the campaign's landing page must be captured, validated and reported. This function, especially phone call tracking, is generally not handled inside the campaign management platform and must be set up and managed separately by the agency. It is, however, an extremely important data point, since it represents the ultimate value of the email campaign: sales lead or online revenue generation.

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Our email campaign has been a great success. Patients definitely enjoy hearing about our special offers and new services. Thanks in part to these emails, we’re busier than ever.

Darla Scheidt
Director of Marketing

Report Review Meetings

Because reported data is not always easy to interpret, Straight North meets with clients monthly to review reports, provide analysis, and discuss any questions and concerns. Understanding whether changes in reporting items were caused completely or in part due to testing or some other identifiable factor that occurred during the course of the previous month's campaign execution is especially important.

When considering email marketing agencies to manage your campaign, pay special attention to their email marketing reporting capabilities. In particular, the agency must have a solid process for tracking phone and form conversions. If this capability is lacking, you will not be able to tell how many sales leads or how much revenue the campaign is generating. Beyond merely capturing the total number of form and phone submissions, the agency should validate conversions. Validation is the process of separating true sales leads from personal phone calls, sales solicitations, customer inquiries, spam, etc. If you see only the gross number of conversions, you may seriously overestimate the true lead generation value of your campaign.

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