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Site Targeting Services

Advertise where your prospects and customers live – on websites or blogs they visit on a regular basis for industry-specific and general business information. You choose the sites on which you want your display ads to appear.

Because site targeting is such an effective technique, we highly recommend incorporating it into your overall display advertising campaign.

When you engage Straight North, you can expect transparency, strategic campaign management and technical expertise in every aspect of your campaign.

Work with Site Targeting Experts

Expertise in All Areas
With a large staff of full-time, in-house employees, we have the strategists, technicians, designers, developers, copywriters and analysts needed to manage a successful site targeting campaign. We cover all the bases, and your campaign’s success never hinges on the talents or availability of a single individual.

Lead Validation & Reporting
Our staff listens to every phone call and reads every form submission associated with your site targeting campaign. Then, after separating leads from non-leads, we display everything for you in real time through an online dashboard. This allows you to review and act on leads while they are still fresh. See our lead validation infographic to learn more.

We take the mystery out of display advertising site targeting. We welcome your input and questions at all stages of the campaign, because we’ve learned through experience that with informed and involved clients, campaign results improve.

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We never thought about retargeting until Straight North brought it to our attention. We’re glad they did, because we’re getting terrific results in every respect.

Kristen Gramigna
Chief Marketing Officer

The High Value of Site Targeting

Site targeting is capable of producing very high conversion rates, mainly because the relevance of your ads is extremely high, and the viewers of your ad are very likely to be prospects for your products or services. Benefits of site targeting include:

  • Maximum Relevance. For example, an ad for women’s shoes on a women’s fashion blog is perfectly relevant.
  • Steady Exposure. Not everyone reading that fashion blog is in the market for shoes – today. However, since your ad appears regularly on the targeted site, when people are in the market, you are there, front of mind.
  • Strong & Continuously Improving Conversions. Because your ads are relevant and recurring, your conversion rates far exceed those of other, more generalized forms of display advertising. More conversions equate to more online leads and more e-commerce revenue.
  • Brand Building. Another benefit of site targeting is that your brand becomes associated with the leading websites and blogs in your industry. This added name recognition and credibility have an indirect but yet extremely powerful impact on your other sales and marketing efforts.

Interested in taking your display ad campaign to a higher level? Let’s discuss strategy and site targeting options today. Give us a call at 855-883-0011 or request a quote online.