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Display Advertising Production

Production for display advertising campaigns involves creating ads, creating landing pages and setting up the campaign structure. Work proceeds best when items are completed in this order:

1. Display Ads

Display advertising campaigns should run both text and image ads. Because both types should contain the same messaging, starting with creating ad text, and then turning the copy over to designers for image ad development is best. A big challenge for designers is creating ads in a set of different ad sizes, without losing image and message consistency. Multiple ad sizes are necessary, however, for ads to reach viewers across all websites within display networks.

2. Landing Pages

For landing pages to generate conversions, they must be spot-on relevant to the ad that drives traffic to them. This is why display ads should be created prior to landing pages (each ad within the campaign should have a unique message). Usually the creative process begins by writing content for headlines, body, calls to action and other text elements. Then, designers take over and shape the ad into a visually powerful page with a layout consistent with best practices for conversion rate optimization (CRO) and user experience (UX). When design work is complete, developers then transform the designed landing page into a Web page.

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3. Campaign Structure

When creative work for ads and landing pages is complete, structures can be set up for contextual, site targeting/managed placement, and retargeting campaigns. This work involves setting up or optimizing account settings, campaign settings, campaign structure, ad group structure, keywords (for contextual campaigns), ads (text and image), destination pages and tracking.

The display ad production team consists of copywriters, designers, and developers. Best results come from teams that collaborate and communicate freely, under the guidance of a production manager skilled in campaign management processes and communication techniques. Agencies with in-house staffs gain efficiency by having team members nearby, and on a full-time basis. When assessing potential display ad management agencies, be sure to evaluate their production process as well as their creative work. The most creative display ads in the world will not generate conversions and ROI without strong execution.

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