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Display Advertising Optimization

Display advertising optimization primarily considers site targets, ads and landing pages. By devoting careful attention to each, display advertising agencies continuously improve campaigns, reducing CPC (cost per click) and increasing CVR (conversion rate).

Site Targets

Careful reviews of sites where ads are being displayed enables the agency to fine-tune where ads are being shown, eliminating or reducing exposure on under-performing websites, and ramping up exposure on strong performers.

Display Ads

Many variables can be tested for display ads, from large variables such as the offer to (seemingly) minor ones such as text font. By performing systematic split tests, advertisers continually improve clickthroughs, as well as gain insights for creating new, more powerful ads.

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Landing Pages

Landing page testing must also be conducted systematically for effective display advertising optimization. Landing page variables run the gamut, including headlines, subheads, long versus short copy, call-to-action text and design, primary offers, secondary offers, imagery, layout, form designs, colors, fonts and credibility items. Through testing, traffic is channeled away from poor-performing landing pages and instead directed to strong ones. New landing pages are written and designed based on knowledge gained from previous testing.

Display advertising optimization is critical, because seldom if ever is a display campaign even close to maximally effective out of the gate. Clients should review reports carefully to observe positive trends in campaign performance, rather than be discouraged if initial results are less than stellar. A profitable display ad campaign usually takes several months to hit stride, but when it does, clickthroughs and conversions steadily increase.

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